2022 SA BOTRA Stallion Tender

Open Stallion Tender Information

Conditions of SA BOTRA 2022 Stallion Tender

  1. Tender is for service only.
  2. Service is for 2022/23 season only, unless agreed by the stud.
  3. No GST applies to service fee.
  4. A reserve is set on each service. If the reserve is not met, SA BOTRA will negotiate with each tender from highest down until the reserve is met.
  5. Tenders must be submitted via the below form, and received no later that 5pm (Central Standard Time) Monday August 12th 2022. 
  6. The winning tender will be required to pay SA BOTRA within 28 days of being notified.
  7. Missed services need to be followed up with the Stud involved.
  8. Winning tenders will be notified within 3 days of the close of the the tender. 
  9. Donating studs normal conditions may apply.
  10. All funds raised via this tendder go back into the industry in South Australia and a percentage goes towards SA BOTRA’s Hardship Fund which supports natural disasters and re-homing of the standardbred. 


I have read and agree to the SA BOTRA STALLION TENDER Conditions.