Gawler Trials 12/06/2022

Gawler trials on Sunday 12th June unearthed a new star NO not a equine star but a new voice behind the microphone Ollie Stauwer at just ten-years of age Ollie has already shown in Pony Trots his skill in the cart but Lachlan Stace Jim Jacques and Tim Edwards Gawler may just have unearthed the next racecaller 

Trial 1 2yo/3yo Maiden 1609m mobile

1st My Golden Eagle (former Victorian won 2 from 27 starts) 
2nd Justcallmeangus
3rd Choochoo Train
Quarters:29.7,31.5,29.6 & 29.3
Margins 2m x 2m

Trial 2                        8 or more win 2070m mobile

1st Polly Put Kettleon
2nd Abstract Art
3rd With Authority/ Bottle Rock (locked wheels)
Times : lead 33.0
Quarters:30.4,30.5,29.6 & 27.7
Margins 35m X 30m: 

Trial 3 1-5 wins/Trot 2070m mobile
1st Alexia Rose
2ndScallywag Sam
3rd Sonny AmazingTimes; lead 32.8
Quarters:29.7,29.8,29.6 & 29.7
Margins 14m x 6m