Terms & Conditions for Entry to the 2023 Silver Salver SA Yearling Sale

Nothing in these conditions of entry for the sale shall constitute terms, warranties, or representation in any conduct between vendors and buyers and between the auctioneers and buyers, but same shall constitute the contract between vendor and auctioneers to the exclusion of all other terms, conditions, warranties or representatives.

All entries must be yearlings as at the date of sale.

  1. Entry fee will be $325 per lot payable to SA BOTRA.
  2. Commission will be payable by the vendor on any Lot sold will be 7% , whether by Auction or within 14 days of the Sale.

2a) With respect to any Passed In Lots:

  1. In the event that the Vendor DOES wish to sustain the Lot for a future Sales Race Series, a Fee of 7% of the Reserve Price will be payable to  SA BOTRA / HRSA.
  2. In the event the Vendor DOES NOTwish to sustain the Lot for the future Race Series, no commission is payable.

3, A sustaining fee of $750 is payable on the day of the sale

2 Conduct of Sale

  1. a) A reserve price must be set with the Auctioneer prior to the yearling entering the sales ring.
  2. B) the upstart price is $4000 any lot fails to get a bid the fee of $600 will be applied and payable on the day of the sale.
  3. C) The vendor shall have the right to bid personally or through an agent during the sale of each respective lot.
  4. d) The highest bidder shall be the purchaser, but should any dispute arise, the lot shall be immediately put up for sale at the last undisputed bid or the dispute may be determined by the auctioneer, whose decision shall be final and binding.
  5. e) The auctioneer shall have the right and absolute discretion to: (i) determine who is the purchaser; (ii) settle any dispute in such manner as they think fit; (iii) withdraw any lot before or during the sale.

3 Vendors Responsibility

  1. a) Transfer forms are to be fully completed, signed and back to the selling agent prior the individual lot being sold.

The selling agent will withhold all proceeds of the sale until the transfer form has been delivered to the selling agent.

  1. b) The vendor shall be responsible to attend and control all lots whilst at the auctioneers premises until such time as the lot is sold.
  2. c) The vendor shall be responsible to prevent any unauthorised veterinary examination or to exercise any other control over any lot.
  3. d) Each lot shall be at the vendors risk of any damage or injury however caused or suffered until the sale of the lot.
  4. e) It is not to be broken to gait (pacer) and is generally only educated to be handled.
  5. f) The vendor shall be responsible to check the accuracy of all the details contained in the catalogue relating to their lot and shall be deemed to warrant their accuracy to the auctioneers unless the auctioneers are advised of any errors prior to the lot being offered for sale.


The vendor or his authorised representative shall be responsible to correct immediately any incorrect statement made by the auctioneer during the sale of the lot and failure on their part so to do shall be deemed to be an authorisation of the statement by the auctioneer.

  1. Upon the fall of the hammer each lot shall be at the risk of the purchaser.

5 Notwithstanding any other provision hereof the auctioneer shall not be liable for any damage, loss or injury caused to any lot or person.

6 All lots may be inspected prior to the sale. Veterinary inspections can be arranged by mutual consent between the vendor and prospective purchaser.

  1. Horses which are sold in this sale may be subject to a post-sale respiratory laryngoscopic evaluation by a Veterinary Surgeon approved by the auctioneer after the fall of the hammer at the purchaser’s expense. If the Veterinary Surgeon’s opinion is that the horse has a condition that has not been announced prior to the sale, then the purchaser may cancel the sale by written notice to the Auctioneer/Selling Agent within twenty-four (24) hours of the fall of the hammer.

8 Payment for all lots must be completed on the day of the sale. No horse will be permitted to leave the grounds until all monies owing have been paid.

  1. The auctioneers reserve the right to their sole discretion to reject at any time any horse from the sale without refund of entry fee.

10 Vendor shall be responsible to advise the agents in writing that a particular yearling is a twin foal. Should any yearling be abdicated to wind sucking, roaring, crib biting or be suffering from founder or is a wobbler, this must be disclosed by the vendor prior to the auction of that lot and will be announced at the time of sale. Should any yearling prove to have such faults within seven (7) days of the sale and such fact is not disclosed at the time of sale, such sale will be cancelled in accordance with the auctioneers’ conditions of auction sale published in the catalogue. Proof shall be by veterinary certificate satisfactory to the auctioneers.

11.Only horses that enter the sale ring will be eligible to nominate for a 2YO futurity race series conducted by SA BOTRA & HRSA. The final will be a $50,000 event and shall be drawn on sex preferential draw with heats or prelude conducted the week prior to the Final.

The equivalent of a  $12,000 VICBRED Pure Colonial Bonus shall be paid to the winner of the Sales Race if the winner is eligible for such bonus [under HRV VICBRED conditions ].

* Conditions apply